The Reading Eggs & Mathseeds Online Summer School is an accelerated online learning program specifically designed to help children catch up on essential reading and math skills and bridge the gap between one grade level and the next.

The structured 10‑week program will help children in grades K–3 catch up on one year's worth of reading and math learning, putting them back on track before they return to school.

Parents receive ongoing support over 10 weeks to make sure children achieve their maximum potential, including weekly emails and live webinars. Children can also enjoy fun incentives and prizes, which will help them stay motivated to keep learning and improving.

The Online Summer School normally begins in May and is available for the United States and Canadian customers only. 

Each year, similar 10-week programs, called Summer Catch-up in the UK or Get Ready for Big School in AU and NZ, are also available and advertised on our website when applicable.