When you register for a free trial of Reading Eggs, your email address and the password you choose are the login details for your family dashboard.  

The family dashboard is where each of your children's profiles will appear as tabs. You can also link school accounts to your family dashboard. When you do this, the school account will also appear as a tab. Any profile which appears as a tab on the family dashboard can be logged into from the family dashboard without providing any further login details.

Each child, whether they have a home or school subscription, will also be automatically assigned an individual username and password when their profile is created. These are called student login details.

If you would like to bypass the family dashboard and log directly into your child's program, you can use their student login details to access the program.

If you have a home subscription and would like to obtain your child's student login details, you can click on 'Edit Details' on the right-hand side of your child's name in the family dashboard, or you can reach out to Customer Service and the team will be able to provide these.