Please find below a few things you can do to try and resolve your issue and get the program working better.

Ensure you have fixed-line highspeed broadband access (mobile data is not sufficient)

If possible please test the program using another highspeed broadband connection to eliminate this as an issue.

Ensure that you access the Reading Eggs program using the internet address bar via

It is advised not to use bookmarks, shortcuts or Favourites, as these can create problems to do with the program loading old or out-of-date information.   

Delete your browsing history (temporary internet files/cache/cookies)

Your computer may be continually memorising the same error.

Check for updates 

Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen and click ‘Software Update...’ to perform any necessary updates on your Mac.

Upgrade your web browser to Google Chrome

Download Google Chrome as this is the most compatible and recommended browser for the Reading Eggs program

Check your firewall

Your firewall could be restricting you from viewing our website. To check if this is the case please turn off your firewall and attempt to access the Reading Eggs website,

If you require instructions to do this, please click the link below.

If you complete all these steps and are still experiencing difficulties, please take a screenshot of the issue and email it, along with a description of your issue, to our customer service team:

Australia, New Zealand, Asia (except Korea), South Pacific

Phone: 1300 457 271 


United States, Canada, Central & South America

Phone: 18 7 766 14898


United Kingdom, Europe, South Africa/Africa, Middle East

Phone: 0117 360 0248



Phone: 070-8894-6966