This issue sometimes occurs when other apps seize control and mute the Reading Eggs app. There are a couple of easy solutions to this issue which vary depending on the model of your iPad.

For newer models such as iPad Air or iPad Pro please follow these steps:

  • Open the Reading Eggs app
  • Swipe up from either the bottom of the screen or from the top right-hand corner to display the iPad’s control centre (the same one you would use to put your iPad into flight mode)
  • Locate the bell-shaped mute button; this will have a line through it indicating the app has been muted
  • Tap the bell mute icon and the sound will return to the program.

For older models of iPads:

  • Open the settings on your iPad
  • Open General Settings and locate ‘Use Side Switch to’
  • If ‘Mute’ is selected, please switch it to ‘Lock Rotation’ and vice versa, if ‘Lock Rotation’ is selected please switch it to ‘Mute’
  • Ensure that the lock switch on the side of the iPad is not in the mute position
  • Reopen the app and the sound should play as intended.