Fast Phonics is a standalone phonics program for children aged 5–10, and is included at no additional cost with a Reading Eggs subscription.

Fast Phonics is an online systematic, synthetic phonics program suitable for emergent and early readers, ESL/ELL learners and older students with gaps in their core reading knowledge. 

The program builds on the phonemic awareness and phonics skills covered in Reading Eggs and goes even deeper, with sequenced lessons, videos, activities and decodable books. There are 20 levels in Fast Phonics, which are presented as Mountain Peaks. In each level, children learn a new set of letters and sounds and complete more than 20 activities where they learn to blend the sounds together to make words and segment words into phonemes for spelling. They will then read fully decodable books to reinforce the new phonics skills they've learned.

The Fast Phonics program was first released in July 2020. The Yeti Shop was released in August. Additional grade levels and a placement test will be added by the end of the year. 

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