What is the download icon in-app for?

The download icon next to an activity is for the "work offline" option. Activities can be downloaded and stored on their device. This means students can complete activities offline with their results stored on the device and uploaded when the device is back online.

Students will need to download the activity first with an internet connection. Once the activity is downloaded, the student can work offline.

Steps to download and work offline:

1. Log into the Mathletics App as a student (with Wi-Fi on)

2. Click on the topic you wish to download activities for (keep Wi-Fi on)

3. Click on any activity in that topic (keep Wi-Fi on)

4. Exit the activity by clicking on the (X) in the top right corner. Do not complete the activity (keep Wi-Fi on)

5. The Download icons will appear for the activities in that specific topic only. You will need to complete this process for each topic