How to change your child's curriculum? 

A parent can change their child's curriculum in their parent account. See the instructions below.


1. Log in to the Parent Dashboard using the following link:

2. On the Home page, find the child you wish the change the Mathletics curriculum for

3. Click the 'Update' button on the Assigned Curriculum section

4. Select a different 'Country' if needed, otherwise leave it unchanged

5. Select the 'Grade/Year' you wish to alter

6. Select the 'Course/Curriculum' you wish to alter

7. Click 'Update'


Please note:

  • There will be an overlap of activity names in the new curriculum. If you click on each topic, there will be new activities displayed that haven't yet been completed.
  • Some activities from the previous curriculum will not be clear if they are part of the next year's curriculum. Students can re-complete any activities that have been carried over as a form of revision. The questions will not be the same, as they are selected from a bank of thousands of questions, meaning the child will never be presented with the same 10 questions twice.