What are Book Bands and why do teachers use this measurement?

Many schools use the colour-coded book band system introduced in Bands for Guided Reading. Each coloured band represents a reading level and is designed to support typical reading levels in Reception through to Key Stage 2. Within each book band, pupils move through and master a range of skills. Across the early stages of reading in primary school, pupils are continually making incremental improvements in reading skills as they learn to decode, build vocabulary and comprehend texts. To understand the incremental improvements Reading Eggspress uses Metametric’s Lexile Framework for Reading.  This tool independently measures texts. It gives teachers more information about the challenges of a book but also makes it easier to incrementally increase the difficulty of texts within book bands.  

What is a Lexile Level and why do teachers use this measurement?

The Lexile Framework is an independent measurement tool that measures the degree of difficulty in decoding words in a text, semantics (what the text is about), syntax (how texts are constructed) and language structure (vocabulary). Every book is given a numerical value across the scale. For teachers, Lexile measures give more information about the difficulty of a text. With every text on the same scale, teachers can more easily compare and chart pupil progress. For readers, Lexile measures give children the autonomy to choose from a wide range of suitable texts. No longer restricted to a selection of reading boxes in the classroom, pupils can choose from thousands of books to read. 

REX Comparison Chart 

Every book in the Reading Eggspress comprehension programme has been independently Lexiled and this includes the 3000+ books in the Reading Eggspress Library. The table shows the colour band, school level, Lexile range and Reading Eggspress Comprehension maps that match.