What is Meritopia?

Meritopia is a highly interactive game-like world, where student’s complete activities to unlock and discover 3 exciting lands (the Westlake Plains, Grand Central Canyon, and Mount Fondue), multi-level mining game, 60 titans to collect and feed. Meritopia brings another dimension of extrinsic motivation to our product and is designed to encourage regular paced mathematics practice and learning. Meritopia encourages uninterrupted learning in the Mathletics Student Console and recognizes effort and proficiency with time-boxed (5 min) fun breaks for all age groups. It is designed to encourage regular, paced student practice and learning, rather than short-term “binge playing”.


What currency is used in Meritopia? 

Gloop is the currency in Meritopia that allows students to purchase Gizmos. Every time a student earns enough points to access Meritopia, they earn an allocation of Gloop. Gizmos are the tools that let students interact with Meritopia. There is a Gizmo to remove clouds (lightning bolt), a Gizmo to activate Crystal Beacons (canister), and a Gizmo to open Stasis Pods (spray can). The bar on the left-hand side of the screen tracks how much Gloop a student has.


When a student uses a Gizmo to activate the tall towers, colour is restored to the surrounding land. It also causes Stasis Pods to appear. Spherical balls that surround the Beacons. They contain inhabitants of Meritopia that have been frozen in time. A student can free these inhabitants by using a Gizmo.

Students can visit Meritopia up to 7 times each week and they can only access it when they have earned the required number of points. Meritopia access is based on the following thresholds:

  • 1st access – 200 points
  • 2nd access – 500 points
  • 3rd access – 1000 points
  • 4th access – 1500 points
  • 5th access – 2000 points
  • 6th access – 2500 points
  • 7th access – 3000 points


Students can earn merits by completing Quests and use these merits to buy items from the store.

Every week, we build up motivation by gradually setting the access threshold higher. This encourages all students to re-engage with their learning each week and supports quick wins for struggling students. Access points are also banked – so if students keep playing and want to save Meritopia as a reward for when they have finished, they can. Students will still only get 5 minutes for each access, but for instance, if they focus and keep working until they have earned a certificate (1000 points), they will still be able to go in 3 times. Meritopia will still count down from 5 minutes, but a student who has an access they have earned, can log in to Meritopia and then play for an additional 5 minutes.


Meritopia Latest Updates: https://support.3plearning.com/mathletics/new-meritopia-update/


Meritopia Reward System poster: https://marketing-cdn.3plearning.com/uploads/docs/free-classroom-printables/3P_Meritopia-Posters-A3.pdf


Meritopia Old explainer video: https://3p-learning.wistia.com/medias/2os4ao34ik